Chicco NextFit – The Best Convertible Car Seat?

Chicco Nextfit
A convertible car seat from has been long awaiting for lovers of the Chicco brand.  Less than 2 years ago Chicco released their first convertible car seat, a welcome addition to the many infant car seats they already do that they are very well known for.  To start off this seat is seriously easy to install, and I mean EASY!  Chicco claims it’s an easy install on their description but it really does live up to the claim.  It also is less bulky then other convertible car seats which makes it an even easier install in smaller cars and tight back seats where we would normally encounter installation issues.  The infant insert in this seat is also really impressive to me since it actually work really well for even a small infant of 5 lbs, supporting them in all the right places.  With all these “plush” features though the Chicco brand is definitely what I would consider a “high-end” from their price point so it’s a really good thing their feature back it up.

Quick Specs

  • Item Weight: 15 lbs
  • Orientation: forward and rear facing
  • Weight limits: 5-65 lbs
  • Height limit: 50 in

What are the Pros of the Chicco NextFit?

  1. LATCH Tightner: This pro takes the number one spot on the pro’s list for a reason.  This is Chicco’s force-multiplying technology called the SuperCinch Latch that helps to get that snug and secure fit, and I swear to you, IT DOES!  Even for grandparents, babysitters, or if you’re like me…the not so buff people.
  2. Reclining System: Chicco doesn’t disappoint with their 9 position Leveling System.  It’s simple to adjust and as a bonus easy to switch to forward facing without rethreading the LATCH strap.
  3. RidgeRight Bubble Levels: Name by Chicco of course, their RidgeRight levels; blue for rear facing and red for forward facing help you set the correct angle for the seat.Chicco NextFit RidgeRight Bubble Levels
  4. Adjustable Head Rest: The head rest has six different height positions to grow with your growing child providing head and neck protection.
  5. LATCH: The use the LATCH system which is great for installation but they’ve also put in an integrated side path that makes it easier to switch from rear to forward facing (recommended at 40 lbs) without having to rethread and reinstall it all.
  6. Cup Holder: I had to add it on the pro’s list, at least in the last spot since we all love a good cup holder.  This seats got a removable one that can be used on either side of the seat.


And the Cons? 

  1. Pad Protectors: While the pad protectors do provide necessary head and neck protection as well as comfort for our little ones it can be a bit bulky and restricting for some.
  2. Cover: The cover on this seat is NOT removable and washable which makes cleaning a pain in the you know what.  A quick fix to this though is just buying their removable cover and using that instead.  But, when spending this much on a seat I’d kind of rather not spend even more for the removable/washable option.
  3. Harness Straps: The harness straps on this are not easily removed nor are they replaceable, so if you have to clean them or replace them for any reason it could mean replacing the whole seat.


How do consumers rate it?

This seat comes in at 4.3 out of 5 stars from consumers.  Many who love the Chicco brand and have been long time users of their infant car seats are thrilled by the addition of this convertible option.  This is high-end brand and delivers with a high quality and luxury style car seat.

What’s it going to cost?

The MSRP on this seat is $279.99 – $299.99.  This car seat is pretty tough to find any kind of deal or sale on but is regularly available in many color options and free shipping online for $279.

The Bottom Line

Chicco came out strong with this car seat and definitely did not disappoint.  Possibly one of my favorite things about this seat is the fact that it’s not as bulky as other seats, and at only 15 lbs not nearly as heavy.  I would highly recommend this car seat if you’re looking for a non-bulky, stylish, and safe car seat to take you from infant upward.

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