Evenflo Triumph Convertible Car Seat Review

evenflo-triumph-convertible-car-seat-reviewIf you’ve been looking at car seats for a little while now I am sure that you’ve seem the Evenflo Triumph as it has received number one ratings from magazines and online sites as a convertible car seat. The Triumph can hold 5-40 lbs and up to 37 in tall rear-facing, and 22-65 lbs and up to 50 in tall forward facing. This matches the standard pricier brands on the market have set for almost double the Triumph’s price. It also boasts an easy no re-thread harness for quick adjustment as your child gets taller and doubles the requirements in federal safety standards testing. Just looking at the seat I also noticed immediately the amount of cushioning on the seat for a more snug fit, especially for infants, but also good as they grow the more comfort. This car seat seems to live up to its name as a triumph but let’s really delve into the pros and cons and see what else there is.

Quick Specs

What are the Pros of the Evenflo Triumph?

  1. LATCH system: Like most car seats on the market these days the Evenflo Triumph comes equipped with LATCH for easier and more secure installation.
  2. Multiple Harness Positions: Multiple harness positions to grow with your little one that don’t require any rethreading to move around. The harness also has a tension knob, created by Evenflo, which allows you to tighten the harness with just one hand. Both time saving features in my book!
  3. Energy Absorbing Foam: The shell of this seat is lined with energy absorbing foam which has proven very efficient, 2X the federal crash test standard efficient in fact.


And the Cons?

Difficult to Recline: It’s hard to get a good recline on this seat without using some kind of towel or a pool noodle underneath for help.

Big for small cars: This seat would definitely be a tight squeeze in smaller cars like a Honda Civic for example. Especially in the rear-facing position it could prove difficult to tighten and adjust the harness properly.

How do consumers rate it?

The Triumph gets high marks at 4.3 out of 5 stars. You get a lot for your money with this car seat. It has top of the line height and weight limits, good safety ratings, and is easy to use for parents.

What’s it going to cost?

The MSRP on this convertible car seat is $149.99 of the Evenflo website. I was able to find it online in 3 of the 4 colors options, which are really all just different patterns and variations of grey, for $132.62. This is twice the price of the Evenflo Tribute, but in my opinion boasts twice the amount of features.

The Bottom Line

The Triumph has high safety ratings, positive reviews from parents, and ease-of-use features. However, it is still difficult to meet all the recline positions necessary without help from a towel or pool noodle and isn’t great for small cars. All in all, this seat is pretty good value for money. It’ll last many years if taken care of well and provide you with peace of mind with the high safety ratings it has.

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