Graco 65 – Review and differences of the Fit4Me, MySize, and Size4Me

Firstly, let’s just ask ourselves why? Why would Graco give 3 different yet similar names to 3 pretty identical car seats?  Quite honestly the only reason I can think of is to confuse us.  There is no other explanation I can come up with, so let me know if you’ve got one.  Now that that’s over let’s talk about what I’m going to refer to as the Graco 65s.  They all go from 4 – 65 lbs, have similar safety features, and all go from rear to forward facing making them a convertible car seat.  The difference between the 3 car seats really come down to color options and the fact that they were all produced for different companies like Buy Buy Baby or Walmart. Other than that, they are the same.

Quick Specs

  • Item Weight: 19.34 lbs
  • Orientation: forward and rear facing
  • Weight limits: 4 – 65 lbs
  • Height limit: 50 in
  • Harness: 5 point

What are the Pros of the Graco 65s – Fit4Me, MySize, and Size4Me?

  1. Weight and Height limits – The 40 lb rear facing limit is great, since its recommended kids stay rear facing until 2 years old, this means there’s space for the seat to grow with your child.
  2. Side-impact testing – meets all US safety standards in crash testing to keep children safe in the event of an accident.
  3. EPS, energy absorbing foam – absorbs crash energy to minimize force to the child.
  4. LATCH system – one second installation, definitely takes more than a second but not much making it easy to use.
  5. Machine washable – seat cushions are machine washable and all other parts can be cleaned with mild soap or a damp cloth.  This a huge pro for me especially when looking for longevity in a seat and I think Graco does a good job in making “easy to clean” a priority.
  6. Removable head/body support – supports baby’s head and body for a more secure hold.

And the Cons?

  1. Difficult harness – some parents find difficulty adjusting the harness so that it fits snuggly especially in the rear facing position, it can be hard to reach.

How do consumers rate it?

The Graco convertible 65 lineup or Graco 65s, can you tell, I’m trying to get this term to catch on?  They get 4.5 stars out of 5 from consumers.  Complaints are typically low on this model and users like the value they get for money.

What’s it going to cost?

Having just mentioned money above let’s talk cost.  As I said the main difference is that they come from different retailers and in different colors, personally I prefer the Size4Me as it has 6 color options including gender neutral whereas the others only have 2-3 options each.  You can find each of the below at different retailers.  The MSRP on these are $179.99, but as you can see below some companies are offering a discounted rate.

  • Size4Me: on Amazon for $159.88
  • Fit4Me: a Walmart exclusive for $159.88, however when I checked it was out of stock online but also mentioned it was available in store
  • MySize: a Amazon exclusive for $357.99, available online and in store

The Bottom Line

The Graco 65s are good value for money at around $150-180, they provide protection and a number of years of use, as well as they have a built in dishwashable cup holder.  If you were comparing these seats to each other, there’s no need, they’re the same.  Just pick your color or the lowest price and go with it.


  1. Lauren J.

    Thank you Thank you! I was confused about these three as well. Bought the Fit4me at Walmart on sale for $159.88 and really like it. He’s a tall, thin 2.5 year old, so the adjustable height makes rear facing possible well into age 3. I was trying to find it again at Walmart for my other grandson, when I came across the Size4me on Amazon for similar price but didn’t know if it was the same item. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

    • Nicole Paige

      Hi Lauren! Glad I could help in clearing up the confusion and glad to hear the Graco car seats are working well for your family =)

      • dominique

        Is there anywhere I can see the safety rating for the My Size 65? Also, are they really the same seat, just different names? Thank you 🙂

        • Absolutely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviews ranks the safety of all car seats. You can view them at Just scroll down until you find the seat you are looking for. With convertible seats they evaluate rear-facing (marked as RF) and forward-facing (FF) seperately. You’ll see that the MySize has strong reviews. And yes, they really are the same car seat, the different names are exclusive to the company selling the seat, like Walmart, Amazon, or BabiesRUs. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

          • Jessica Kollar

            I have looked here and all over other sites. None are actual SAFETY reviews. They are ease of use reviews. I found one crash test document on a different site with waaaaaay outdates seats I’ve never even heard of. It was not possible to decipher . Seemed like it was just codes . Why do they no release actual crash test results. I see so many site brag that this or that seat has the best crash testing results but no sources. Shine some light on this for me? Thanks.

  2. Lori

    Thank you for clarifying! I just want to get the safest, cheapest option and I couldn’t find a straight answer anywhere!

  3. G George

    Thanks for this comparison.
    I was confused with this similar looking FIT4me andSIZE4me .
    Saw FIT4me at walmart at 179$, now i see Size4me at Kohl’s for 144$.

    Thanks again.

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  5. Diana

    Thank you so much for the clarification! I was researching on amazon and decided on the size4me. I usually buy from amazon but decided to check out walmart online. They had the fit4me in stock at my store and available for the drive up/pickup service. I like instant gratification and the convenience of that but then realized they weren’t the same carseat (or so I thought). Now I can order it online and go pickup today when my daughter wakes up from her nap!

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  7. Kris Behnke

    THANK YOU! i have been scouring the internet for three days trying to make a decision and then forgetting which of the Graco 65s I had researched. This article is so helpful! Thank you!

  8. Avi

    What would u recommend the graco size 4me 65 or the britax roundabout G4.1

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