What’s new for 2015?

The Spring ABC Show, All Baby & Child Show, recently took place this past week in super fancy Las Vegas, Nevada. The ABC expo normally takes place twice a year with the spring show more geared towards specialty products and on a bit smaller, yet still very large scale. The show also brings together both international and US based retailers to exhibit the items they sell and get some valuable feedback about what people think about them. Aside from all of the fun exhibitions there are also panels and workshops that focus on the latest trends in the industry and government regulations and laws, you know… the serious side of the conference. But in all seriousness it really is a great opportunity to see what companies are working on and learn more about the industry. So, without further ado here are some of the new car seat things to look for in 2015.

Doona – The Next-Generation Car Seat

If you haven’t heard of this car seat, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But once you hear about it, you will not forget it. The doona is a car seat stroller all-in-one. And I know, right now you’re thinking, but that can’t be…how? Honestly, I have no idea how the mechanics of it all works, I’m not an engineer after all, but what I can tell you is that this is a car seat stroller built all together, it’s super portable, and really does transform from a stroller to a car seat that you can strap into your car, and then back into a stroller when you’re ready to go. It may seem crazy but it’s definitely something for those “parents on the go” to look out for.

Doona – The Next-Generation Car Seat

Keep in mind though, this is a rear-facing only car seat, meant for infants from 4-35lbs. The seat has energy absorbing foam, memory foam lined cover with insert, and the seat weighs 16.5 lbs. I should also mention there’s an optional car seat base for those who don’t want to re-install the car seat each ride. This is a pretty innovative seat/stroller and I’m definitely interested to play with it a bit more when it comes out. If any of you get it first, let me know what you think.

Available May 7

Lil Fan – Booster Seats

Calling all sports fans out there! We have found the perfect booster seat for you, whether it’s you or your kid who is the sports fan, this seat is perfection! Lil Fan does both high-back and backless booster seats decked out with the colors and logos of your favorite team.

Lil Fan Booster Seats

The high-back booster is suitable for children 30-110 lbs, 4-12 years old. It has EPS foam, a 5 position headrest, and a backrest that can be removed later to be backless. The backless booster is suitable for children 40-110 lbs, 4-12.

Check out Lil Fan on Amazon and click here to see which Lil Fan booster has my favorite team.

CYBEX Aton Cloud Q

CYBEX worked with medical specialists and midwives to create the Aton Q with the idea of getting that newborn recline as flat as possible to protect babies’ neck muscles and reflexes, especially in premature and very small newborns. The seat also boasts side-impact protection, automatic seat height adjustment, a foldaway sun canopy, and is integrated with other CYBEX travel systems.

CYBEX Aton Cloud Q

For me, this seat is what I would call “the seat of the future”. It’s like buying a Tesla, but the Tesla of infant car seats… if that makes sense. It has a clean look, comes in bright and fun colors, and has sleek and original features.

The CYBEX is available on Amazon.

Notable Mentions:

Diono added to their color spectrum, not with a color per se but with a shade of grey, heather grey that is. Check out my review of the Diono Radian here, and take a look at the new color here.

Diono Radian Convertible Booster Heather

Peg Perego added a new cover for their convertible Primo Viaggio in Panama. See my review of the Primio Viaggio here, and check out the new cover on Amazon.

Peg Perego Viaggio Convertible Panama


  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for your review about Doona- the Next-Generation Car Seat.
    Please notice, the website you refer to purchase the Doona is NOT an authorized seller, and the price is WRONG!
    Doona costs 499$ in the US, and it already includes the base for the car.
    Please update the link, to be directed to either one of those:

    1) http://mbeans.com/happy-kids-doona-infant-car-seat?green=D81CF2F8-E9B6-549B-94D4-46D5102FC068
    2) http://lullabybaby.com/search.php?q=doona&x=0&y=0

    Or a physical resellers via the distributor: http://www.happykidssmartparents.com/store-locator/.

    Thanks again,
    Simple Parenting

    • Hi Elina! Thank you for this information. It looks like when I linked to the site, it was available at the correct price but that has since changed, so thank you for notifying me of that. We have now reflected the change to a website with the correct Doona price. Thanks for looking out!

  2. Lashanda

    Is this website real

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